06 February 2013

yukky day!

Went downtown to the IRS building.
It's the ominous looking one - there in the fog...

Kept forgetting where I parked, and had to buy moar tickets...
Blonde moment for sure!

They are going way back on my taxes and auditing every year
Since 2000... Why? Just because they can!
It is making me crazy... just maddening!

So I waited in line for hours... I counted 100 + people in line...
AND then, they said they could not help - I needed to call.
So I called... this number and that number...
THEN finally got through, and spoke to a real person.
No sooner did I say "Hello" .... 
I dropped the phone into a fresh, hot cup of buttered coffee.
What a day. Still waiting for the phone to work completely.

Trucky is getting new roters or whatever..
New Shoes for Trucky!

And that is how I spent my yukky day!
It only gets better from here, eh?
Or butter. It could get butter from here!


  1. Stay positive my friend!

  2. Sorry about the phone, what a dang nuisance and worse, what a waste of your time. Yep, it has to get better from here!

  3. I love "fresh, hot cup of buttered coffee". That's just not something you hear everyday. LOL. Thanks for the great info on the coffee. I'd read something like that before, but it's been a few years.

    1. http://www.bulletproofexec.com/coffee/
      It is really really great coffee!

  4. Hope it has all turned around!!!

  5. Good grief... government and technology, the two biggest bugaboos in one day. Ack!!
    You must be on the verge of some wonderful stuff about to break in on you, for all this "testing" to be happening.
    Hope you are having a nice evening now.

  6. yucky yucky day!!! yay for new Trucky shoes though. :)

  7. I hope I have a better day tomorrow than you had today. I'm going to SSA to see about my claim. Wish me luck.

  8. A tax audit! I yiyi-- that stinks.
    Sorry about the dripping phone.
    xo jj

  9. I wonder how they can expect you to be able to go back ten years on taxes when they only require us to keep records for three? Oh yeah, because they can. :(

    1. Caron - It gets worse from there!
      Since they found a small error from the year 2000,
      They can now collect on fees, fines,
      and interest at 25% compounded monthly...which is alot by now!
      They have 15 years to collect... which would put me at nearly 70
      when they are through with me!
      I can't prove or disprove the claim because they don't keep records that far back.
      But they sure come a-knocking to collect, don't they?


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