01 March 2013

I heart shopping

Been eating and shopping and painting and prepping!

Lots of good (quality) coffee...
The kind that does not make ya jittery.
This is Up-Graded Bullet Proof Coffee - with Butter.

I have been eating a meal just once a day,
With snack (a few pork rinds, etc) in between.
Seems to be working for hunger.
More for convenience, and not so much for weight loss.

I never make my bed... well... I do now!
Just like in the Army!
(Except the corners are not dress-right-dress)

Found this awesome Fireplace Grill on Craigslist

This is on CL and I pick it up Sunday!

eBay works well, too...
These puppies are on the way to me!
And no fighting with the UPS guy to get a package!
I am so ready to not beg or fight over that guy's package.

And we don't want to neglect Amazon
During my Shopping Spree!

Wanted to get some Tuscan Milk from Amazon,
But I thought better of it.
Read the reviews - you will laugh your butt off!

 This week I am trying to get those boxes built.
I want them to look like this picture... 
But bigger than an inch or two. (lol)
The ready made ones from Home Depot -
Well.... they were not up to my standards.
Now that I am a snob, I can pick and choose like that!

Off to get more stuff done!


  1. Wow, everything is so beautiful. Fancy! :) I like.

  2. Beautiful home you are creating! There's nothing like shopping. It's the best part of moving.


  3. Nice digs and nice stuff!!! You are just fabulous. Can't wait to see those finished boxes!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place you've got there!

  5. Wonderful, Anne. I am so happy for you and your new life changes. Changing your health has really changed everything else in your life too and I hope that someday I can follow in your footsteps.


    Love following all your new home preparation.
    You have great taste:)


  7. Beautiful furniture! What will you fill your raised beds with?


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