13 November 2018

hbd dinner

A nice and thoughtful dinner
Just for me! 
This scarf was hand knitted for me
And it’s the softest thing ever. 

Woke up to a higher blood glucose. 
Not happy about that. 
But I should have seen it coming. 

So today all the party stuff is out of the way. 
I don’t really put that much emphasis 
On celebrating Thanksgiving
Or Christmas. Just my birthday. 
And Veterans Day. 

So I’m done for the year. 

Still studying on how to get 
my deep sleep pulse lower. 

A normal resting pulse at work for me is 
70 to 80. Depends on how much 
Running around I do. Obviously. 

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  1. Also, by having dinner before I tackled the drive home, it allowed me beat the rush hour. It only took 40 minutes to get home. Same as it takes to get to work. I was very happy about that!


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