08 November 2018

I heart apple

My Snazzy Apple Watch is doing just
Exactly what I had hoped it would do. 

Look at all this data! 
It’s probably how nurses 
handle big decisions. 
The data and the emotional part. 


  1. How do you determine what the ideal/healthy resting heart rate is?
    I know how to figure out max but not resting.

  2. I am not sure. I just go with a range of 60 to 80. And closer to 60, if you’re in shape.
    Sleep should dip down, like maybe 10% but not too low. And no missed beats.
    I think if you recover quickly for a little walk, and return to a lower retaking pulse, obviously the better.
    Since I broke my leg, I have a hard time getting fast enough to really do cardio.

  3. OH So I am not doing so badly then. Resting is normally 63-67 and although my heart rate goes up quickly when I am climbing a steep hill or lots of stairs while hiking - it comes right back down pretty quickly.


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