22 November 2018


Working on Thanksgiving Day 

I’m grateful because I would 
be by myself at any rate. 

Being a Home Health Nurse
Is like being part of the family. 
I’m thankful for the families 
I’ve been assigned to. 

Someone got my nose! 

I’m glad I have my health, 
(Weightloss is the centerpiece...) 
So I can keep up with my schedule 
and chosen workload. 

Lots of younger Nurses 
Can’t keep up with what I do. 
And none of them can guess my age! 

Shout out to Sugarless deLite
For this SF Cheescake. 

And this SF Pecan Pie. 
Keto friendly. 

My fling with gluten has punished me. 
This is Chapati. 
From East Africa. 

It’s rolled up in coils and then rolled out. 
So it’s super flakey. 
And gluten the way. 

Lol. Too funny. 
Also true. 

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