18 November 2018

vacation 2.0

Lol. Something funny. 

So I will miss the deadline for The 
8 day Grand Canyon River Raft Trip. 
I moved the deadline up to escape the hot season. 
Turns out the permits have to be purchased 
6 months in advance. 
And there is like a 2 year waiting list. 
And I’m just not going to be ready. 

So instead of going of an organized, 
Pre-planned Trip, 
I thought it would be nicer to 
Just put the trip together myself. 
To commemorate the 
10 year Anniversary 
Of me starting Low Carb
By being stranded in the Grand Canyon
At a little fishing lodge on the North Rim...
So many years ago. 

Sedona, Arizona 

Marble Canyon, Arizona 

South Rim, Grand Canyon 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Page Arizona

10 years ago, there was no AirBnB. 

And now look at the world of nutrition. 
Paleo, Real Food, Low Carb, 
Ketogenic diet and
Intermittent Fasting - all are 
“Fast” becoming mainstream. 

Such a far cry from when 
I first started blogging in 2009. 
Hereyme at Glen Dam in March,
A freaky late-season snow storm 
Came through and closed the highways. 

So I think it would be fun to retrace those steps. 
I’m planning for Spring 2019. 
Get in the car and drive. 

Throw some gear in the back and go. 
I’ve got a Subaru- they were born for camping! 
Or in my case,  GLAMPing, now. 
Kinda like camping with a not quite broken knee. 

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  1. I cancelled the 8 day trip and booked several smaller trips! I’m much more enthusiastic about doing it this way. Right at 5 months away.


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