09 November 2018


Ok. I’m actually stuck. 
I’m not sure what to do. 
Every major project I’ve ever done ,
I loved. So it was a joy. 
I never saw it as a chore. 

I need to figure out exactly what it is
I’ve stuck on here and fix it. 

First. I work too many damn hours. 
Second. I drive way too many damn hours. 
3 hours to get home is common. 
That’s fucking nuts! 
Once before, I worked 2 jobs. 
But I lived a mile away. 
And I was like freaking 30 years old! 

Now that the elections are over 
I feel a little better. 

And my data is steadily coming in. 
I don’t get enough quality sleep at night. 
I think it’s all about inflammation. 


  1. Three hours?? I think my head would literally explode if I had to drive that every day. My commute is 10 minutes!

  2. Yes. It’s sapping all the joy from my life. And making me quite depressed.


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