17 November 2018


Still no wine. 
And I’m down below 60. 
Finally some rest. 

Last week, there was no dip. 
Or like 1% dip. 

A little cat-proof vintage ceramic
Christmas Tree. 

Still torn up. 

I get up. 
He takes my seat. Every time. 

Running tests. 
Yummy tests. 
This was 30 minutes after a Sweet Potato. 

One hour after the Sweet Potato. 

No sugar. Of course. 
Just the tater. 
Butter and Salt. 

It’s the season, for sure! 

Leftover Steak. 

Honey Bunny cooked Bacon
And Eggs with Cheese. 

Coffee with Cream. 

I’m reading a very good book on ETOH. 
“Alcohol Explained” by William Porter. 

He goes into great detail about 
How the body reaches homeostasis 
After we drink alcohol. 

He says (paraphrased) 
‘The body isn’t going to just sit there
While you put alcohol into it. 
It’s going to compensate
By doing something. 
Something to counteract 
the effects of drinking.’

Makes sense. Kinda like carbs. 
The body isn’t going to just sit there 
while you shove huge amounts
 of carbohydrates into it. 
It’s going to produce something
- like insulin- 
To counteract the carbs. 
And store them as fat. 

Very few things are magically neutralized. 

The cells need building blocks of nutrients 
To rebuild (once we’re grown). 
Most of our problems -
We bring on ourselves 
With crappy choices. 
 Repeated ad nauseum. 

So alcohol, being a depressant,
Calls forth chemicals that are stimulating. 
Drinking puts people to sleep for about 5 hours, 
Then keeps them awake. 
And during those first hours, 
It’s mostly deep, sedated sleep. 
Not restorative REM sleep. 

Check out the podcast if you’re curious. 
There’s so much to learn!
Or shall I say “relearn”-
Since 90% of what we understand 
Or thought we understood...
Well, it just doesn’t apply
Not when you really look at the data. 

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