06 November 2018

Apple Watch out

So the new watch is here. 
In all its glory. 
Apple Watch 4. 
It’s a work of art. For sure. 

I was am so inspired 
I got up early to make a stew. 
More meat and broth in the day. 

Always cover the Instant Pot 
And turn it on a Lazy Susan base
Away from cabinets etc 
When you manually release the steam. 

I’m learning Baby Sign Language. 
The doctor was most impressed. 
I thought she was going to grab me 
up and hug me when I told her
I had already started with signing. 

Still going to make this. 

Still making this every day. 
I know I’ll kick that watch’s ass! 

Oh .. and since I have not seen 
one single bumper sticker
And only one yard sign
For Rafael Ted Cruz ...

Today we usher in a return to civility. 
People will still fight even if they get 
free health care. And improved infrastructure. 
Some people reached their peak in 1990
And can’t get past the glory of 
Stormin’ Norman
And the First Gulf War. 
The promise of the Regean era
And the Christmas Story
And everything good about America. 
In a land of Home Improvement 
And so-called Family Values. 

Well... many of those Boomers 
Have grown up to be so alt-right
They wouldn’t know themselves 
If they looked in a mirror. 
The mirror the world is holding up right now.
It’s time for a changing of the guard. 

It will be good to not be in hate and fear 
And constant angst. 
That’s not normal. We’re so used to it
We think it’s normal. 


  1. Beto Beto Beto all the way.
    I predict a massive Blue Wave!

  2. I want to get one as well. The apple watch. Probably next year. My new car broke my budget this year.


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