01 November 2018

it’s time

Fun at work with a Baby. 
Iddie Bittie Baby. 
Turns out I’m really good with babies! 

Early morning walk. 
Don’t be fooled! 
One gram of sugar - perhaps. 
But how many carbs? 

It’s a BLUE Halloween this year! 
No more Orange Pumpkins. 

My big plans include doing absolutely nothing
But having a good meal and making a fire. 
I need to get ready mentally for the holidays. 
Now is the time. 

It was raining, so the Mom hid candy 
All around he house for the Big Sister to find. 
I stayed to help. 

I wore my skeleton costume home. 
Well... I forgot I had to get gas on the way home. 
So I turned some heads for sure at the gas pump! 

1 comment:

  1. 23 g carbs, might as well be a candy bar!!!
    I wore my Eeyore PJ’s for Halloween - if you saw any of the FB photos my girls tagged me in we were 2 donkeys, a llama, a turkey, & a piglet!


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