07 August 2015

not dead

Hi - It's me, Anne H
I am not deceased! 
Just now getting back from my knee injury!

I have upped my protein and am now on even stricter Zero Carb
(With a few salads here and there)

Carbs cause such inflammation -
And that is exactly what I am trying to avoid!

Out and about  now and again

Maybe take a few steps on mixed terrain

Spending a little more time doing things 
That were once a little bit of a luxury

Like getting my scrubs pressed.
I can't do the laundry mat - and the steps!

Thanks for all the people who have been looking after me
During this wild time!


  1. Back to blogging - I never counted on the pain of my knee injury getting so much in the way of everyday life. And the VA did not give me pain meds because the did not think I had a break or a tear. 10 weeks later, they find that I have both.
    So - back to blogging and back to protein! <3

  2. I feel your pain. I broke my tibia 35 years ago....but the doc cast it right away.
    You are in my thoughts! Full recovery soon!

  3. Can you tell what I was thinking in that picture? -- I wonder why I didn't make Anne show me that photo before she published it. I would have made her take it over. -- That is what I was thinking!


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