11 August 2015

tibial plateau fracture

X rays.... lol

Parking sucks at the VA

Modern Stuff


See that dark spot? 
That is where my Tibia is caved in. 
Where is *should* be.
The Femur hit with such force (about 1000 pounds of running dog)
That it drove down like a hammer into the Tibia. 
And all the ligaments that should be there are gone, too.

My Tibial Plateau
As described by the Doc 

A regular Tibial Plateau
Nice and flat like a plateau....
That can support the Femur and the body weight!

Wow - that is me!
I applied for a temporary handicapped permit.
MUCH too far to walk to the door (500 yards, at times)
Get some chow, carry it around (without a riding buggy)
And walk back to the truck.
Easier to do it this way!

Tons of Beef... 
Love that Red Boat Salt and a George Forman Grill
Better than anything I can get on the Economy!

In Germany, they called it being "on the economy"
Instead of saying you were in town - out and about...
Don't really know why!

It is like 106 here ... in the shade...
120 in the sun
pretty hot to be limping around!



  1. Oh my goodness, Anne!!!! I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for the picture tour. Love your style, as always. As I get more and more into cooking, I find it increasingly difficult to find anything comparable when I'm on the economy. Not bragging, just relating. I totally know what you mean! :)

  2. Your injury puts my whining to shame. I hope things get better for you in the coming months (surgery to fix?).

  3. Looks like the later femur took a pounding as well. Get well soon!
    xoxo Nancy Nurse


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