09 August 2015

yep yep yep

Branching out in my old age -
Not just white socks anymore!

One of my new bosses likes cool socks.
He inspired me!
I especially like Argyle. 

This nice (plastic) plant still looks great 
Despite the summer heat!

Finally not 100 degrees at 8 am
Time for coffee on the veranda (patio)

These wonderful (plastic) plants 
Are thriving on the patio! 

I love my job and all the places I get to go and see!

I would love to hear the story behind this!

Lunch With Sherri

I looked forward to this CheeseBurger Salad
Next time, I'll just have a cheeseburger! 
And maybe a salad.

Now that I know my condition is "just" a broken leg,
And it is 10 weeks mended,
I can't hurt it anymore by walking on it.
And the partial ligament tear is kinda sorta healed.

So off I go to do some MAD PREhab!

This is an awesome use for old crutches, eh?
From Pinterest somewhere - :D

Since I finally got some pain medication,
I can finally sleep at night.
Who knows what I might accomplish next! 


  1. Since now going out and about with a brace on is going to be a daily thing for me.... I guess I'll have to shave more often, and wear nice socks! Still might not match them up, just saying

  2. Glad you found out what's wrong! Keep on healing, Miss A!

  3. sending love and more more healing thoughts

  4. Love the TWU bridge pic. I was just there myself! On the socks - now you won't be able to just pull 2 random socks out of the drawer! They are beautiful (and I didn't roll the tops together to keep the pairs paired - aren't you proud that I remembered? lol)


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