19 August 2015

12 weeks and a day

Yep - that confirms it- I am lost

Lost, I say!

Never more lost.

LOL - found this - lol

Lunch on a door knob -
Must be found again

Denton is like a city of many hills

Amazing - coming from Dallas -
Where hills are forbidden by a city ordinance - lol

So are clouds - or so it seems....
Please rain again - 
The heat is killing us Home Health Nurses!

This is the only remedy...
Crustless Quiche / Egg Casserole 
With a pound of Ham,
A pound of Sausage,
A pound of Bacon
A pound of Cheese,
18 eggs,
Nearly a quart of Heavy Whipping Cream
And some Onions and Peppers...
Baked (lovingly) by a Friend....
Thanks again, Pete and Cher! <3


  1. What an amazing quiche! Just caught up on your last few posts, hope you will be 100% soon.

  2. This is my third try…if it doesn't work, I will be getting lost. So happy your friends made you a lovely feast…and glad you were found!

  3. Big hug and a smile form NYC Anne :)

  4. Life should not be complicated. I enjoy your post. You proved that sharing something catchy and funny post captures my attention. You looks good on losing weight. When people change lifestyle and choose to look good, great things coming.


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