08 August 2015

school of hard knocks

Still use a cane for long distances

Another Xray (and MRI)
Revealed that my Tibia is fractured!

That is the shin bone -
Way up at the top - 
Where it meets the Femur (thigh bone, eh?)
And supports the Knee.
Which supports us!

And that ligament is torn as well
Just like in this handy-dandy model.
No wonder I was hurting so bad!

So I got a new brace -
One with hinges!
Thank Goodness - I can barely walk at times!

There is a 10 mm depression in my Tibia
(That is nearly half an inch)
Where the dogs knocked me down (3 pit bulls)
The femur hit with such force (3 big dogs running full speed)
That it made a depression in the top of the Tibial Plateau.
And that is exactly where the fracture is!

The Doc at the Ortho Clinic asked why I waited 10 weeks.
I told him I called 2 times (or more) each week.
But the consult was delayed (VA is slow)

And now my bone is fused together.
In an unusual position.
I guess in days gone by, people had broken bones.
And they just got by as best they could.
Kinda like me - now!

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  1. That all sounds so painful! I can only hope you are all healed soon!


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