12 June 2015

all labs

As a Nurse on Low Carb, 
I am constantly asked
If I know how *BAD* LC is for me:
It always makes me laugh out loud!

I have lost and kept off very close to 90 pounds
(It was closer to 100 but I gained some muscle in Cross Fit
And I have about 10 pounds (of skin) and some weight to lose, in fact)
Since I never weighed to start, 
Let's just say I have lost A LOT of weight!

My last BP was 117/70
Pulse 74 with no missed beats
(When I was heavy, I was in and out of A-Fib)

My labs are better, and my vision is better! 
At the tender age of 54, I don't wear bifocals
And just wear glasses to drive!

So tell me again how eating no bread, no potatoes,
And no cake or candy is "bad" for me? 

I just happened to have labs done about a month before I was injured.
Now I have this current set to compare!
I keep meticulous records - for the supporters
AND the naysayers of the Low Carb Lifestyle.
It helps, too, that I have kept a food journal
In the form of daily photographs...
(EVEN on the days I cheated or tried to beat the system!)

So here are my labs- for all the world to see.
You are welcome!

The BUN is higher than before, probably due to injury
Or mild dehydration - NOT excess protein!

ALT up a bit from injury and reabsorption 
Of that bruise from my knee to my ankle...

Please note the Ha1C on its way down!

And the Cholesterol - And the Triglycerides!
The more strict I am to LC
The better my labs improve.
Atkins was definitely ahead of his time!


  1. Keep up the good work Anne! Hope your knee is 100% soon too :)
    When people question the wisdom of LC I always ask them:
    "So you think I should eat bread, potatoes and desert why exactly???"
    Nobody can ever answer that LOL!

  2. Nice work, Anne. My results are great too…the doc says it doesn't make sense, but just keep doing what I am doing!

  3. As a fellow low carber who is waiting for the results of lab work from recent physical (I got strict again on diet a few months ago, no sugar, no bread, no 'tatoes), and also a lady who has two labs, as in the labrador kind...I love the kissing booth photo. My weight loss has been extremely slow, but I feel better, and can't see myself going back to my old ways. Good for you, I say, and thank you for sharing!


  4. I've found the funny thing is that the people who criticize me the most are people who are out of shape and not fit at all. I get "you goto the gym" too much and similar comments from people who look like they have never worked out in their life. So their opinion means nothing, the ones who are in better shape and more secure have nothing but encouragement.

  5. Thanks Anne - I learned about LC from you a couple of years ago !! You continue to inspire me to keep rockin it !! xoxooxoox


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