13 August 2015

a kneed-y post

Driving all day

I can shop at Aldi because the stores are small
And so is the parking lot

Some cheese - not my first choice but good for lunch
With a Summer Sausage - 

The secret to success is preparation 
This is a melted (in the truck) Atkins bar I gave to a LC friend 
In sub of a BD cake slice

The Red Boat Salt makes any Hamburger - great!

The velcro scratched up my leg,
And the BioFreeze was like - ouch

Still, some swelling

Found this at work....
Om Om Om

It is nice to work in a fancy place.
The corporate people are getting use to Nurses roaming around
And we are getting used to being around The Suits

My other Full_Time Job is Drinking Water!
It's hot out there... Bottoms Up!

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  1. Glug, glug, glug!!! Glad there is a small store where you don't have to call a taxi to get around!!!


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