18 August 2015

pirin tablets

Becoming a way of life - this cane
These heavy braces -
I named her Big Bertha

And this ointment

I went back to Aspirin to see if it has
Better actual anti-inflammatory properties -
Compared to Advil or Aleve.
I use the Baby ASA because it has more coated surface area.

Every time I think of Aspirin tablets, 
I think of The Birdcage...

The Pool Boy scraped off the letter "As"
And said they were very strong "Pirin" tablets... lol

Aspirin in a non-selective COX 1 and Cox 2 inhibitor.
The other NSAIDS are selective Cox 2 inhibitors.
Platelets have no DNA. 
So they can not modify or reverse the work of aspirin.

We'll see which works best.. ASA, Advil, or Aleve

To keep inflammation low, I also make sure to not eat things
That cause inflammation in the first place.
Like the PUFA's. 
After the first year (which was kinda like hell)
I love my low PUFA diet! 
(Less than 4 grams omega 6 a day)

Also being Low Carb, I am also off gluten!
That can only be a plus.

What would have happened to me if I were still
230+ pounds - eating the SAD diet 
(Standard American Diet) 

Would I still be in the hospital?
Bones a-crackin'?
Tell me what you think!

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  1. I think you would have crumbled if you were still SADing it up! Love that movie!


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