25 August 2015

every day I write the blog

Too bad they don't make this for real

You find out who your friends are
When you have a fracture that sucks the life out of your life

Large too big -
That's ok with me - 

Denton. Love this town.


Elvis Costello's Birthday
Every day I write the blog

Fallon's Broth Bible
THE How-To On Broth...
FINALLY reading it!


  1. Not much food today.... just a protein shake and some water...
    Topo Chico still comes in First Place!
    Making Ox Tail Stew - 3 days on simmer.... results pending!

  2. I write the blogs that make the whole world read,
    I write the blogs of love and special things,
    I write the blogs that make the young folks read,
    I write the blogs, I write the blogs!!!

  3. but you were up to your old tricks
    at chapter 4, 5 and 6 -
    ba-dud dum dum dum! ;)

  4. Hugs sweetie! Saying huge prayers for healing!!!


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