23 August 2015

bloody sunday

Got these for trying to rehab or rehab my knee
I am ready to take on some walking....
Maybe the Arboretum or a nearby park.
Something with lots of benches and a paved walkway.
I can do inclines and terrains with different surfaces.

I am also using the crutches at night and in the evening.
Not because I need to - 
But they are an AWESOME full body- upper body work out!

Got a hair cut - it grows so fast!
If you ever want a fellow Nurse to scoff in your face,
Mention that you take Bone Broth and Gelatin,
And that your nails and hair grows strong -
(So why not bones and connective tissue?)

Whats next? 
They'll say that carbs make you fat!
What a world we live in.

If you just sit there all day, 
You WILL get runded-ed over

New Nurses Notes Notebook
I am "old" and even though I don't wear reading glasses,
I still like a keyboard for typing. Faster that way.

Found this on line - lol

Out and about - tons of construction
Time to rebuild

The Beginning Batch of Beautiful Bone Broth 
This season.

Pete and Cher - that Pulled Pork is awesome!
Pete uses a pressure cooker.
I need to learn that skill


  1. I am sorry to see you stopped having Dinner With Sherry. I really liked those posts. You should get out and cook more, especially now that you are hurt. Are there any plans to bring it back? The weekly Dinners?

  2. lol - Thanks! Dinner With Sherri is scheduled to return
    As soon as she graduates from school!
    She is nearing the last few weeks of the project of a lifetime.
    So I try and not bug her - too much! :)


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