21 August 2015

running dog club

New shirts from eBay...
A *steal at $3.00*

It is NEVER a good sign when the dashboard says
*check engine*

Lucky for me, they nice guys at City Garage
Had me up and running in no time....
Something called an Oil Switch Light - or something.
I am sadly lacking in the Powder Puff Mechanic Realm

Yes - I would LOVE to have a Denton Baby

All kinds of fun stuff today

Pretty Stuff

Cloudy Stuff

Small Town-Inside -a-Big-Town Stuff

Country Stuff

Wheat and Grain Stuff

Flower Stuff

Make it Rain Stuff

Braces on the Outside of my Scrubs
I had a dressing change that requires me to get WAY down to the ground....
I take the Leg Wraps OFF and put them on as best I can 
When the damage is done...
On the PLUS side - they are Instant Conversation Starters!

A group I joined on FaceBook said that 
A large number of Tibial Plateau Fractures 
Are caused by DOGS - and being knocked over by them.
So I inadvertently joined the Running Dog Club

My Desk and Computer....
Needs a little work- shall we say!
At least it's not wine bottles!


  1. I hope you never bid against me on eBay... I am a freaking tyrant... a TYRANT, I say!
    I have lost like 2 auctions since 2001.... just saying...

  2. I have only purchased one thing on eBay ever. It was a Green Bay Packer's Monopoly game. Lots of nice stuff in your day!

  3. Ebay rocks for everything !! See it on QVC? Buy it for much less on Ebay. I buy everything there..Amazon too . Hate to shop :)


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