21 August 2015

pirin tablets win!

The last of the Egg Casserole -
Thanks, Cher and Pete!
It was awesome!

The Future of Nursing

Actually - it's already been around a while.
But now I am charting on a tablet.
That means I don't have to write hours and hours
(And hours and hours and hours and hours)
Of Nurse's Notes!
I get my life back! Maybe.

As a long-time Blogger, I can probably work on-line
MUCH faster than I can sit at my kitchen table and write.

Dinner and a Seminar 
Please - hold my buns!
(I love saying that)

Not too many Salads these days...
Mostly Meat

Still getting Scrubs cleaned.
They cleaned my bag, too!

Trucky - at the ready
At the new office- the FANCY new office!

Finally rained! And we had a wee break in the weather

So yes.
After only 2 or 3 days of Aspirin Therapy,
My Knee Brace had to be adjusted!
It fell off of me 3 times!
The anti-inflammatory effect was THAT dramatic!

Never thought it was possible!
But (Oops!) Here It Is!
Aspirin wins.

I use Baby Aspirin because 
It seems to have less gastric upset.


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