24 August 2015

younger vegan vs older carnivore

You might not know this about me, but for many many years, 
I was a Vegan. And a Vegetarian. 
My diet was about 80% carbs. Very Low Fat. 
And poor quality, plant-based protein. Lots of Soy Burgers. (yuk)

I was 34, I think, when I slipped and fell off the back of my truck.
I hit the pavement, and fractured my left radial head.

It took 16 weeks before I returned to work.
And actually, I never went back to that job.
I could no longer lift patients,
And got into Pediatrics.

Now, I am 54! And much much stronger than I was back then.
Funny, too because I was still in the Army Reserves,
And was having to train every day - for drill weekends.

But now, I went back to work 3 weeks later.
With a much more severe injury!

I think - well, I KNOW that

Being on Low Carb has helped!
No gluten
Low Omega 6
Added Gelatin and Bone Broth
Mostly un-processed foods.

No studies have ever been done about bone density and recovery 
On people on Low Carb and Low PUFA diets.
This might be the start of something wonderful!

Going forward, I have nothing but true optimism 
About this - it might be a very good thing indeed!

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