16 August 2015

topo chico mas

Must have for the Jet-Setters

True story.
I was leaving Whole Paycheck, 
And this guy approached me with
Some Topo Chico!
Sh said he was on his motorcycle going coast to coast,
And he had no room for a glass container.
So he just gave it to me!

Pairs nicely with an In-N-Out Flying Dutchman
Splashed with Red Boat Fish Sauce.

My stash

Another true story!
Went with a Nurse friend to Genghis Grill.
SpiderMan was there, flinging stuff every which way!

Perfect Shot! ....Right into my glass.
Oh waiter - there is a radioactive pod of death in my glass!

Dinner was great of course -

Back to the grind!


  1. I am going to come over and raid your fridge! Nice on the stash and you are so lucky that you got to see Spiderman!

  2. Love mineral water on these hot summer days sweatin' out my minerals ! :)


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