30 March 2013

ugh day 2.1

Got the TreadMill set up in the garage for now.
My goal is to walk on it at least once a day.
Not for cardio. Just to move some glucose.
Maybe I can squeeze in two walks a day.

Sherri came over, and we made lunch. . . 
Awesome Quiche.

Didn't have half the ingredients I needed - 
But I threw in a can of Rotel, with some Spinach,
(Sauteed in Balsamic Vinegar)
Cheese, Eggs, and Bacon (of course)
And it was actually awesome!

Stopped at Central Market late last night 
- I think I closed them down, almost - 
And got a ton of things for a Zero Carb week.
I have done 5 fat fasts... Actually more,
But after 5 I stopped counting....

And since I have no gall bladder, I do better with
A modified version .... too much fat all at once is
Not good! Maybe that is why Atkins said to eat 
5 small "meals" a day.... so as not to get bogged down.

Well.... walking felt good. 
The food is good. 
The pants nearly falling off is good.
The work is good.
Life is....butter and butter!


  1. Butter and butter is the "weigh" to go! LOL! Have a splendid day!

  2. You are my here. I want to be you when I grow up.

  3. Have to admit never been a big fan of treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, etc. I always find working out on them boring. I much prefer the fresh air and scenery of walking around town, weather permitting.

  4. Thanks for telling us you have no gallbladder. I had mine out at 20, over 50 years ago. Yikes!

    Fat has never been a bother but I did wonder how other people manage on high fats. For most of us it seems easily managed.


    1. I can handle about 80% fat with no problem.
      Of course, that is mostly SATURATED fat... less pufa, please!
      Now when I get up to around 95 - 100% fat, I have problems.

      So, yeah!


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