12 March 2013

mr peepers gets a new cage

Mr Peepers got new sticks for his cage...

He seems so lonely... 
Or maybe I am projecting!

Locals call this Big Baylor...
As opposed to Small Baylor... or Smallish Baylor?

Locked the door, but forgot to roll up the window...
I *thought* that glass looked clean!

I have a new little area where I can blog and drink coffee
In a corner of my (very large) room

Went to a Restaurant Supply
Wow  - that is all - wow!

Had a friend come over prior to my EDC...
I practice on her all my cooking

Roasted Everything - was the theme of the day!

Salmon on a Cedar Plank - stuffed with Peppers, Onions,
Wine-Soaked Apples, and wrapped with Bacon...
Topped with Cranberries... and a side of Dill Butter

This was maybe the best thing I have ever eaten.
Might have to cook it again!
Here's a close-up, in case you missed it the first time!

Busy busy busy times!
Good 'n Busy!


  1. I had salmon for dinner too but yours looks way better...just had roasted brussels sprouts with mine.

  2. Oh my, that salmon looks good!

  3. I rarely eat salmon but this looks so good. I might just visit you if you keep cooking up such yummy meals.

    Is there room for Mrs. Peepers. He does look as though he has alot of space. And I love your coffee, blog spot.

    I can't remember whether I passed on my new temporary blog so here it is. We are heading off to Hawaii for 4 weeks tomorrow. Woohoo!



  4. You can practice on me anytime you want, my friend. Come over to my house and let's do it again tomorrow!

  5. That puts my salmon from last night to shame.

  6. I am so loving that salmon. I am getting some this week no matter how much it is. I need it very badly. YUMMY.

  7. Looking good. Love your blogging space!


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