31 March 2013

everything is ok

What a week!
Fat Bread with Dill Butter, Eggs,

Summer Sausage, and Cheese

Planted some seeds for the Garden...
All kinds of new seeds planted this week!
Not just the kind that go into the ground

Russian Bologna

TONS of flowers and flower arrangements

Ox Tails for Broth...
They ran out of Ox Tails.... which have more gelatin content.
They said that cows/oxen only have one tail.
So they are harder to come by.

Tuna Salad with HB eggs and SF pickles

Fat Bread on the indoor Grill!

Before and after - a week apart.
I can tell when I don't do my neck and face work outs.
It shows! Turkey Neck.

So yeah - what a great week.
I think everything is ok... and is going to be ok!


  1. The "Turkey Neck" when people lose a ton of weight -
    And the skin is kinda.... well, flabby - gotta make that go away!

  2. I'm working on turkey neck on my belly. Really hard to get rid of extra skin.

  3. Where can I find out about your neck exercises? I can really see a difference. (I can only respond anonymously. Sorry.)

    1. Facial Magic is an oldie, but (and) a goodie!
      I could crack a walnut (almost) with my dimples and chin(s)!
      Try YouTube.... I'll try to post a link!

    2. Gotta check out Facial Magic! I look like I'm carrying an accordion under my chin. "Mama's got a squeeze box..."

  4. Focus on what is going right instead of what isn't going well. I like the idea of pickles in my tuna and egg salads. Might take that idea from you ;) All the best for a speedy recovery with your neck.

  5. I just love the look of the eggs, dill butter and fat bread but where's the bacon. Lovely streaky bacon, crisply fried and then fresh bread fried in the fat.


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