27 March 2013

fat bread for cuties

Every time someone comes to visit,
They say they would not mind if I made them some Fat Bread.
From this guy's blog (link)

Now, I think that Fat Bread is a kind of Love.
More Buttah Love.

I fry up a little slice and dream of Ketosis -
That is what I want to dream about.

Here's me - thinking about all that 
Vitamin D that I am getting!

Hope your day is going swimmingly!


  1. The first batch came out kinda green~ish.
    Now I think I am getting the hang of it!

    Per Becky - I added a spoon full of almond butter -
    Since I didn't have coconut butter on hand...
    I used 2 cups of coconut flakes... much less $$
    Since you can get 10 cups of coconut flakes for a couple of bucks...
    And make your own so-called butter.
    Thank goodness for Cuisinart!

    1. Hey, I clicked on the link to the guy's site where the recipe is - his loaf looks pretty greenish on the bottom part, too. Did you notice that? Some kinda chemical reaction is going on there. This most recent loaf you made didn't do that, and the bread was good. The guy says that it's pretty neutral in flavor, which I would agree is true, so I'm going to try making a sandwich with slices from the half a loaf you gave me. Thanks for frying me up a slice.

    2. I also think it turns out better when I assemble all the ingredients in advance.
      Maybe because the loaf is less apt to be over-processed in the Cuisinart.
      Which is actually a very powerful machine!

  2. Can't wait for some vitamin d to be coming down here. It is still wintery in Tennessee.

  3. I like how you take musical things and make them into blog things. You are so clever. I have had this deliciousness and it is truly a party!

  4. I'm kinda coming to see you in May, hint, hint.

  5. I could eat this and nothing else.... all day....!
    I have to make myself eat protein!


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