20 March 2013

bye bye birdie

Took Mr Peepers to Pat's house to stay....
She wanted a Parakeet - she loves the sound of his peeping!

Can't beat that! It's win-win.

I got these two instead - little Finchies...
A Zebra Finch and a Society Finch.
Might get two more. 
They don't have names. Any ideas?

Spring is all over down here in North Texas.
We usually don't have a Spring - Just winter, then summer.
Spring lasts about 2 weeks... but this one has been much longer!

This machine keeps the leaves at bay...
Especially Bay Leaves -
Please note there are no Bay Leaves in the pool

Manual Labor at work today!
Note the scrubs. I am a full service Nursie.
I had to wear Bose Headphones 
Cus I did not have hearing protection!

So, I think this entitles me to some meat.
Half pound of Chopped Beef, Half pound of Pulled Pork,
Half pound of Sliced Brisket.
And the guy asked me if this is for here, or to go.
For here, Dude. Yeah - no!

Now off I go to bed, for an attitude adjustment and some rest!
Both much needed.

 ETA: Didn't get much sleep - But I did remember
What it was I had been trying to remember all night!
So I am officially back to being "golden!"

Hope your day is merry and bright!


  1. I ordered chopped beef to eat there, because I was too tired to even chew.
    Now, THAT is tired!

  2. Cute little birdies. I like the sound of birds in the house too. I used to keep finches but my cat would drive himself crazy trying to get at them if I had some now. Besides, we are only allowed one pet in the apartment we live in. I hope you enjoy yours. :)

  3. Atticus and Scout are the names I am voting for! Busy times Miss A!!! Love it!

  4. Love where you are going with this... Atticus Finch?
    To kill a mocking finch?
    I think you win - claws down!
    We'll need a Boo, and a Jem as well....

    1. pss..... they are all girl birdies.... don't want no stupid male taking over the roost....

  5. Only summer and winter in Texas? I would have thought that winter never came to Texas - I thought it was too hot so winter would be like spring up north.

  6. The birds are so pretty. I have no clue for names but I'm sure you'll come up with some good ones.

    And sheesh-- You are working HARD! I hope you get to swim in that beautiful pool. They say swimming is the best workout or them all.

    Glad your open house went well. The food looks delicious.

    Take care and rest up! xo jj

  7. Anne, been catching up, what a busy girl you have been. moving unpacking, shopping, cutting grass, holy cow, you look awesome. enjoy your new place....no ideas for birds names although Tom and Jerry came to mind.

  8. Such lovely pictures. Birds are great company. When I had finches they flew around in the sitting room, eventually making a nest by using all the branches from a hanging asparagus plant lol


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