05 March 2013

no mas what-a-burger (for now)

So good - good bye - for now!

The kitchen in the new place is open for Busy-ness!

First official meal - this!
I am now used to having one meal a day -
And 2 bullet-proof coffees!

Somewhere in France, someone is happy!

And I am happy too!

I keep lifting boxes, and they actually go flying -
I am stronger than I think I am!

Stages of Change...
So to Speak

It is good to know that you can still pull a rabbit out of a hat!
That is because I worked hard to put the rabbit it the hat!


  1. Nice work! Loving the spiced Gouda...warms my Dutch heart!

  2. It is so cool to watch this next chapter of your life unfold, Anne. There are some elders who are about to get really, really lucky to be under your wing.

  3. Those elders are totally winning the home-lottery and so are you!

  4. One meal a day is tough, I just ate and am already starving I hate it.


  5. good job Thanks lot for this useful article, nice post

  6. what a beautiful place you have!!


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