16 March 2013

house warming

Woke up to the sound of men talking...
Thought it was the Cave Man. The walls were so thin,
I could hear every grunt he made...
Then I realized I was in my new place -
It was the pool guys!
A better problem to have.

A Friend brought over In-N-Out

This Salad was a hit - last year I could not stand salads.
Too hot outside and too salty, maybe.

Then again - maybe it's me. Nothing tastes good.
I'm not a Food Binger - I tend to not eat when I am stressed.

A good reason to roll up the window!

Some retail therapy - Bed Bath & Beyond

Some Paint therapy.... spruce up a bit, perhaps?

Walked to a little park to feed the little ducks.

This must be what I look like when people take my pic
And I am not knowing it. I sure need a haircut!
I look like Lil Abner a bit...
All in good time.


  1. You. Have. A. Pool. at your new digs??!!
    I am green.... and happy for you!

  2. Lots of stuff going on!!! Glad to see your RENT shirt is still intact...not like the poor mug!

  3. I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful photos!
    unique and great keep blogging :)

  4. Knew the ducks were a big hit when C asked you if we could go again today. When we drove by it on the way to your house, he said, "There's our pond." Love it.

  5. That looks like a great house...way to relax..you have been doing a lot. You deserve a little down time.

  6. The pool man. Ha! And note-- It's a good thing if you hear them. It's the quiet ones who don't do a great job :-)
    xo jj

  7. Love burgers... Love Rent, too. Love your blog, too!


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