03 March 2013

wall flour

My "Rent" coffee mug took one for the team!
A casualty of moving, I suppose.

LIned the shelves with tile... the peel and stick kind.
More durable than contact paper.

Why is it that the colors on the sample never look
the same as they do on the wall?
This was supposed to be Candy Apple Red!
(just kidding)

Getting tired of eating out!
I want my Grass-Fed Beef!

We had a painting-moving-cleaning "party!"
Lots of caffeine and sugar is how to get your walls painted!

Finally lost my pants - for real!
I am tiny of size - albeit a wee bit flabby here 'n there...
And those pants went a-flying.
Fortunately, I was in WalMart at the time,
So I blended right in....no one noticed a thing!

Sooo much to do!
Sooo little thyme!


  1. Just hope I don't end up on the "People Of WalMart" site!

  2. Heeheehee! So sad for your mug! You need new pants...STAT! Glad you are getting so much done!

  3. If you show up in any People of Walmart emails I get, I'll let you know! lol

    That's why you have to buy those little paint sample jars. Paint a big square, let it dry, see how it looks in the morning, in artificial light. It's a science, I tell ya. When I bought my house it had been freshly painted inside and I thought for sure the living room/kitchen was a light grayish hue. When all my furniture was moved in and all the stuff got up on the walls, it pulled all the blue hue out in the paint. Now my walls seem to be a very light blue. I like blue, have blue in many things which brought the color out of the paint, but having blue walls is NOT something I wanted or thought I had!

    Congrats on getting settled in...now go buy some pants.

  4. No doubt, mug is really great.but sad to know about , its broken.


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