25 March 2013

becky visits

The wonderful, happy Becky (link)
And her hubs Ron came to Big D!

Too much rich food - and good times!

I love Les Mis... and this was a full evening's event.
Brought out every raw emotion I had left in me.

Trucky - like a boss
1600 pounds of dirt hauling

To make this awesome raised bed
For veggies!

Thanks to the awesome Caltons (link) for shipping this out so fast
I love these Vitamins... and mine got packed -
So I have been without for a few weeks.

Pooped around like a wet, sick puppy today.
All the previous activity is catching up with me.
Had a wee little bit o' reflux 
While I was cleaning the baseboards.
Never get that - since going LC.
Now back to simple meals and cooking 
And actually sleeping at night!
(Hey - I said that last week!)


  1. Sleeping at night is to be recommended! I hope you feel better very soon, dear Anne.

  2. You've been running all cylinders on max for several weeks non stop dear! I'm glad you had a nice movie night to relax and unwind. I got my Les Mis BluRay Friday and watched it all weekend. I can't stop watching it! I had also bought a couple DVDs for friends & relatives who didn't get to see it in the theater...I think it's one of those must have movies! They all called to say how wonderful it was. Thanks for the link to Becky's blog. If you posted it before I missed it...senior moments! That Nutrience stuff looks great, wish I could afford it. :(

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Les Miserable. We saw it twice in the theater. I ordered it from Amazon and it will be here sometime today. Dail is coming over for dinner tonight and to watch it again here. I agree with you. It is a very gut-wrenching film. I cried through most of it both times I saw it. Such a tremendously touching story.

  4. Hope you feel better soon sweetheart, may your body is telling you to
    s l o w d o w n a l i t t l e..... xxxx


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