07 March 2013

here we go!

Tool Cool

Brisket in the Grok Pot

Nurse Friend for lunch - lots of salad options...
I like to make my own dressings,
But ain't nobody got thyme for that

Practicing Detachment -
Sitting here, eating Zen Food... om - wow!

For when guests come by
Who may want a LC snack

This ought to be FUN!


  1. Fun! So do you know what your first meal will be when you cook for the residents?

  2. Nice...ain't nobody got thyme for dat! A true classic!

  3. When do you start to get residents?? Looks amazing!!

  4. Well dear Julia did love her butter!!! Best of luck on your venture!

  5. wow..your dining area is gorgeous and your food looks fantastic! So happy for you. You are a great example of a person making their dreams come true. You inspire me and many others.

  6. You have a very special place but what else could it be when you are in charge.


  7. Everything looks wonderful, Anne. I wish I could come and stay with you at your place. I may eventually need residential treatment. I don't know how that works around here though. Your little ladies will be very lucky to have you.

  8. Hi Anne - I've read you on and off since I started blogging, but today, I've read through a lot of your links to previous posts over to the left and am blown away by your success story! I read every word of the lab results posts - wow! I'm confronting my type 2 diabetes and will have my own set of (probably horrific) lab values to share next week. But it's gonna change, and I'm going to be haunting your archives for wisdom and inspiration. Thanks!


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