23 March 2013


Seems like a legit way to make major life decisions!

Probably would give as good of a result as most people get anyway.

This past month, I have been on top of the world!
Business lunches... important meetings....
Open Houses... getting to know good friends again...
Late night chit-chats about this, that, and everything.
One of the best months I have ever had!

I was mopping the floor yesterday.
I knew the floor was wet, and/but I walked on it anyway.
Of course, I slipped, and fell, and landed on my arse.
Gotta watch those slippery slopes.

So I am taking it easy for a few days.

We are about 6 weeks out from the cruise.
About 40~ish days.
Plenty of time to get into good habits again.
Like walking on the treadmill every morning,
Now that most of the hard work of moving is done.
And reading my daily lesson from ACIM.

And cooking real food, instead of grabbing something on the run.
Even if it is a LC meal, I still cook better than this junk.

I look and feel tired.
I AM tired!
Not sleeping can catch up with a person.
Now - off to pamper myself!


  1. The better I "do," the better I "am"...
    That old chestnut, eh?

  2. You don't look tired!!! You look great.

    Can't believe the cruise is coming!!! I'm jealous. Lol Hopefully I can hang out with y'all when the gang comes to Houston.

    Sorry you slipped. Hey, even penguins slip and they're used to walking on ice all the time so don't feel bad.

  3. Catch up with your rest so you don't have to on the cruise :)

  4. Take care of that butt...get some rest and get ready to cruise!!!

  5. Take it easy, you have done so much in the past few weeks.

    Rest easy my friend you are Awesome!!

  6. Take care, Anne. I know you are looking forward to the cruise. I would be too. It sounds very exciting.

  7. You've been working so hard with this move...yep, you've earned a good rest. Even penguins need their sleep. ;-)

  8. Oh, dear. Sorry. At least it's not my fault this time! :)

  9. Rest up, see you soon!

  10. So happy that things are going so well, you're blog is very inspiring for me!


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