28 March 2013


Now that I have responsibilities and stuff,
I need a printer.... for all the tests I am having to take!

They call themselves "Doctors of Humor-ology"
At Baylor Medical in Downtown Dallas....lol

A new crane going up -
So THAT is how they do it

A LC magazine - do you think it's any good?
Any press is good press, I guess

The little Finchies are getting familiar 
with the new surroundings
But just between you and me, I miss Mr Peepers!

Russian Herring - 
But not in a Fur Coat!

Ye Olde Standby...lol 
In-N-Out Protein Style

This is Genghis Grill -
A ton of meat without the sauce...
Not so good... it needs the sauce.
Times like this, I wish I had a Doggie!

Busy and wonderful times....
Keeping on track in my food
And keeping in my right mind
With all the recent changes!


  1. Hope you are finding some down-time in the midst of all this fun and busy-ness.

    Mr Peepers was quite a character.

    I'm so excited to be able to share in this adventure through your Blog. You are quite an inspiration.


  2. Thanks - I am busy morning, noon, and night...
    And I am about to get busy-er yet!
    But it is the good kind of busy, so I am looking forward to it.

    And thanks for your kind words!


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