10 August 2011

yummy cross fit day

Triple - yes, triple
What-A-Burger with everything....
Bacon, Cheese, Peppers - just no bun!

Nessa Rose finally hooked up
with Boq

CrossFit  - tonight 

I looked kinda strange -
Trying to jump up - on the Box Jump

The "Dead Bug" Pull-Over is fun, too!

Medicine Ball - we throw it against the wall
And bounce it on the floor!
(Mine was only 3 pounds!)

Had me some of the best coffee ever -
Hazelnut with Splenda and Whipping Cream.
Never had Splenda in coffee - loved it!!

Please, sir - I want some more!

Happy Truck is happy!

Very long stick!

And here's to the end of a very good day!

Stay cool!


  1. Awww... Happy Truck is cute!

  2. Im SOOOO crossfitting when the child is in school!

  3. Thats a big ole bunch of burger for a tiny gal like you

    Enjoy :)

  4. Aye - that it is!
    I ate half last night - half today!
    I'm thinking about going back to my beloved hamburgers
    and leaving the world of chicken and fish.
    Maybe a rotating schedule of sorts will "work" for me!

  5. We had a hamburger patty and an egg for breakfast today. I forgot to put some cheese but it was so good. Enjoy your cross fit workout. I will get a workout walking around Menards today with hubby and the landlord. Hubby removed the garage doors yesterday and today he and the landlord will get new wood and hinges and all and hubby will make the doors and install them. Yay, no more hernea trying to pull open the big doors.

  6. I swear you make a mean burger. it looked so good.
    Glad you had such a wonderful day. think of you often. hugs.

  7. Mmmm....whataburger. :)

    YAY for Crossfit!!

  8. The burger looks great. Now I'm craving burgers.

  9. You have slayed me...Nessarose and Boq...oh my ribs!

    That triple burger looks triply delicious.

    Yay to CrossFit!!!

  10. You just reminded me, I've missed my weekly burger for something like three weeks now. Must remedy that!

  11. True story, first time I did low carb I was working at Whataburger! I used to grab a salad and chop up a patty over it for my break.

    mmmm whataburger with cheeeeeeeese

  12. That burger looks amazing.. so does the sunset!


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