15 August 2011

impromptu day off

Now I know why they invented the phrase
"I would rather kiss a dead mooses butt!"

Finding ways to be around the stuff 
and not be affected.... effected.... infected.....

And by "stuff" I mean junk food stuff - 
Even the so-called sugar-free stuff!
Who knew it would feel so strict still -
How many days and weeks and months later?

So much for living it up!
Or even living it down.

Back to Atkins shakes - 
I'm not a craver of chocolate
(I just woke up one day and didn't like it!)
Confused smile
So I mix it with vanilla - yum!

Cheese and ham slices for lunch....
Coffee and a ton of water!

Last night at work, a Nurse ran down the hall after me.
I didn't know her - or what it was about.
She said  "Oh - you're the one!"
(Yikes - what?)
"The one who lost all that weight!
And kept it off so far!"
Confused smile
Why, yes I am - thank you very much!
My new claim to fame!
So to speak. 

Last night's cloud formations...
And a spontaneous day-off today!

I want to get things done!
Hope your day is a great one!


  1. I like the idea of a spontaneous day off...I think I'll consider that. Have a great day!

  2. It's great, Jo....
    I slept late - after I got the call that I was cancelled today...
    Two cups of coffee - and off soon for my medical massage!
    I'm on the laptop of luxury here - if only for a day!

  3. Is that a Monster on the corner of the table? :D

    So the liquid whey wasn't good?

    You should be so proud of your weight loss. You look like a different person. I bet you FEEL like a different person!

  4. Yep - My old friend Absolute Zero Moster LoCarb Energy Drink.
    Hit up the 7-11 that morning... they have a pretty good LC selection...

    The liquid whey - I have had other brands that I thought were better -
    Plus this had gelatin protein in it! Not just whey isolate. :(

    And thanks for your kind words!
    I'm just now accepting the idea that I am
    becoming a new and different person.

  5. I'm so glad your having a day off!
    Sometimes shakes taste awesome and sometimes I'd rather go hungry :)

  6. Yay to being famous!!! Those clouds are GORGEOUS!

    I am so happy that you have a day off...enjoy your massage...I am booked for one on Thursday.

    You woke up and didn't like chocolate? Was that after bumping your noggin?

  7. Nope - It was after my NDE!
    (Near Death Experience)
    I guess it changed me !!
    How could it not, eh?

    Kimberly - you should have seen the clouds -
    the picture doesn't do them justice!

  8. Grape flavored Whey does not sound good but not liking chocolate anymore!?!?! I never hear of such a thing :-)

    Hope your day off is a fun and productive one.

    xo jj

  9. I think it's the keeping it off that's making you famous - lots of people lose weight, but not so many keep it off. You are such a great role-model!

  10. Yep, you're the one who inspires us!!

  11. Congrats on keeping that weight off! :)

  12. Keeping it off is the hard part :)
    So would you rather "kiss a dead mooses butt" before you would consume the New Whey?

    Uber yucky?

  13. Ohhhh... I keep looking and looking at that evening sky. Simply stunning! MUST go in with your Sky Collection. ;-)

  14. OH WOW... that cloud is amazing

  15. You are doing great, Anne and deserve some recognition. Bask in it and stay on track. Hugs.


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