29 August 2011

butt - be - gone

Too many cookies - go right to your hips

Too many Beets and you might do this

I sprayed this first - With "Cake - Be - Gone"
So it was not a problem to me at all!

I sprayed this with "Bun - Be - Gone"
Works every time!

And this with "Shake - It - Up"
And the cake turned yukky 
and I didn't want it at all!

Then I went outside and sprayed a large area with "Sun - Be - Gone"
And the sun went down a few minutes earlier that it did last night 
At the same time!

Hope your day is great -
And strong! Stay strong!


  1. But, but, but...lol! Love the Bun-Be-Gone!

    My day was great and it was very late and tomorrow I have a date!

    Good night...have a great Monday!

  2. How about bus? DO you have to spray mosquito be gone, too??

  3. I need some carbs be gone at my house. I'm craving them but thankfully there aren't any left for me to indulge in. We had southern breakfast for dinner though. Biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage, and eggs. I was so full I crashed. Remind me not to do that again. Biscuits and gravy are the devil.

  4. Oh, Miss Karen Butler Ogle -
    Right you are!
    That a "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" breakfast for sure!

  5. Please send me some Sun-Be-Gone! :)

  6. Does bun-be-gone work on the other buns I carry around??


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