29 August 2011

a thoughtful day

Some rain today - just about 10 minutes worth

Then back to record-breaking high temps 
with high humidity - 

A family member (of a patient) said that I had done such a good job 
working with them, and their little Granny -
They actually said that I was born to do Hospice!
And I agree.

They make lakes here by damming up things and flooding them...
The old bridges and streets and trees are still in place...
And they say, some of the houses under the water!

There is water at the bottom of the ocean -
Same as it ever was...

Almost - maybe less of it...

And here's me - looking like a scoundrel who never lost a pound.
Two neighbors called me "Chubby" this week.
Last weeks "Cinnamon Roll Fiasco"
Really showed me how very little "wiggle room"
I have - and how very "unfair" and stuff it all
seems to be sometimes.

Not complaining - I just never had to come to terms with
the age-old Dieter's Dilema.... (or old age!)
Not having my LoCarb Cake - and not getting to eat it, either.
It wasn't a binge - it was a wake-up call!
When it comes to sweets, there is no "off" switch for me.
Except to walk away - and start the damage control.

And how very serious being heavy is....
I'm just now understanding that it's a lifelong condition - 
And it's not always easy to make the right choices.
And walk a really fine line - real tight - all the time!
Up till now, it was virtually effortless for me...

I don't know if it's a Mid-Diet Crisis - or what!
I've been very deep in thought about the whole thing lately.
I'm sure it will resolve nicely.

Hope your day is strong!


  1. My son told me yesterday I looked like I had gained weight. Its such a balancing act. No breaks allowed!!!

  2. what a cool fact on how they made the lake! And last week is over. It's a new week with new choices to be had. Onward and upward! don't look back.

  3. Same as it ever was...heard that song yesterday! You are so full of song and dance!

    I would love to understand that point...from effortless to effort...how does it happen? It is a mystery...

    Hope your day is strong too!!!

  4. "Mid-diet crisis" ... that's exactly how I'm feeling lately!!! I will definitely be quoting you and that idea later this week!

  5. I hope you are feeling better about things now.. and on track again.

  6. I've been on track since that very day -
    But it takes a disproportionally long time to
    get the stuff out of my system!
    Thanks for everyone's kind words!

  7. Every Sunday I feel like a failure. Every Friday I feel like a success. Every Saturday I don't worry about it ... and then it's Sunday again. The days go 'round and 'round, the numbers go up and down ... but overall, mostly they go down. :) Same for you. You are a strong, wonderful lady with MUCH to feel great about.


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