13 August 2011

back to ketosis

Laughing cow

It wasn't me!
Insert Villainous Laugh here...
 Angry smile

Back to a little more fat....
A little less carbs...
That's a little more like it!

A little early for Christmas Lights?

Define "special"...

Helping someone program a Polar Hear Monitor
Got a chance to wear it for a while
To see if we like each other!
My heart rate is very slow -
At times in the 30's and 40's
Probably why I'm tired sometimes?
Nerd smile

So far, so good!

 A lovely part of town....
The street name is Pickwick....

There you have it.
My day in a nutshell.
That, and still singing Les Mis.
But now I'm on Act 2.
The river's just a river...

Hope your day is all good!
Cat faceDog face
Kitties and Puppies!


  1. Girl, we both love da cheese, huh? :)

    I didn't realize your heart late could be so low 9in the 30s). I am usually in the sixties, sometimes high fifties.

    Keep it beating strong! Nite...

  2. Mine is very irregular - there was a time I missed every 3rd beat!
    Now that I am getting healthier, it's not so bad.
    Just getting better ever day!

  3. Awesome Pickwick photo :)

    Glad your diet is back where you want it to be xx

  4. more fat less carbs is where its AT mama!

  5. Great photos as usual. Happy you're happy!


  6. Cheese glorious cheese!!! Love it.

    Nice Pickwick pickture! LOL!

    What is with your heart...tell it to go just a little faster please and thank you.

  7. Oooh... the Pickwick pic: particularly pleasing!

  8. Good Luck with the ketosis, Anne. I need to be watching my carbs again too. I've had carb creep.


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