24 August 2011


If I can get through the door - and stay -
I count it as a total success - at CrossFit!

Then, once I get there, and almost always do ok! 
I slammed the medicine ball like 34 times!

Stuff is getting lighter and easier!

Even the groceries are getting easier to carry!
So yay! I feel I'm still gaining muscles.

Eat this if you want a Big Pirate Booty

Bak to basics - yet again!
Meat. Cheese. Eggs. 
No HWC... I like the coconut milk better.
And cheese is, for me, the last dairy hold-out!

After my run-in with some sweets this past week-end...
I give up - but this time - without despair!
I'm glad I finally figured it out. 
(Took a while - denial!)

I know now, that I am like a sugar junkie - 
I can't have just one... and be ok with it!
For I will then eat the whole package -
And or obsess about not eating the whole package.

Maybe you can enjoy one sweet treat - and that's great!
I find the cravings and the mental chit-chat
just about too much to take.
Atkins is easy for me, in that there are no cravings!

I've never had to say "NO!" because I was never around
the sweet stuff. So now, I have to re-learn how to say 
"No, Thank You".... but only to the first bite.
The rest is easier! 
Even most of the sugar-free treats. 
Forever? Maybe - maybe not...
But it is for now!

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. To sub for sweets, or to do without.....?
    The age-old question.
    Until I spend some time solidly at my goal,
    Maybe I'd better re-think my strategy!

  2. Atkins does kill cravings :)

    Good luck!

  3. The only safe "sub" I've found for sweets is fruit. I've tried the Vitatops, Fiber One Brownies and Skinny Cow ice cream and it's too hard to have just one. Still, I don't miss them once they are out of the house. :)

  4. The truth! Saying no to the first bite is really the only hard part!


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