20 August 2011


Just one a day - yay!
I like Absolute Zero - no carbs at all tyvm...

Whoever she is - I like her!

Ketosis is like a Higher State of Consciousness for me....
It's like being in Love - or Liquid Energy!
Some kind of Perfect Balance for me....
I never knew I could feel so good -
(I say this every time)

Not my ride this time!

From the interwebs...
The Can I Haz Cheezburger Cats!

And yes - it's still hot here -
I just stopped caring -
so it's all good!

My heart on my sleeve these days!

Another Sunset through the eyes of Ketosis!

And my fave song to chill-out to!
Everything But The Girl
Driving (acoustic)

Hope your day is as wonderful and great as mine!


  1. Atkins shake -
    Mcdonald's Angus burger - no bun
    and protein shake - in the blender with ice!
    Hard Core Day!

  2. That's Adele and I really like her

  3. I like Adele too!

    Great picture...love the clouds!

  4. Love that cat pic. My cat went missing this morning and isn't back yet. I am worried. Keep good thoughts for him, okay. I remember ketosis..I did that for a while. It is nice when all your appetite goes.

  5. Do you use the ketosis test strips?

    You have the most amazing skies in Texas!

  6. wandered over to say hi. does that count as exercise? hope so. going back to bed...


    congrats on the amazing succeess!

    also? i'm a gray-gone-blond chick. the best part of going gray? now i don't need to "lift" the brunette hairs first to be blond. time/$ efficient, fo shizzle.

  7. I love Adele - she's like the second coming of Dusty Springfield. Such a great voice on such a young one.

    Have a great week, Anne!

  8. I am hoping for a wonderful day :)
    day #1 of a 6 day work marathon


    Karla @ Daily Thoughts

    hey but you know me, huh?

  9. Hey Anne, now I have to check what this Ketosis is, you look good and sound good. I always love your sense of humor. take care. Spunky Suzi is a great role model for sure. thanks for commenting today. have a fabulous week.

  10. Congrats on Ketosis. I can feel your joy. I hope you get to stay there for as long as you need to.

  11. Anne, blogger wont let me comment as myself. I don't know why, have been here half an hour trying to comment :-P (its me Nancy from Blue Skies and Low carb pies)

  12. testing testing one two three

  13. omg it worked. Apparently when signing in you have to untick the "stay signed in" box. THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Anyway. Now I forgot what I was going to comment. LOL

  14. I love Adele!
    But not going in ambulances
    <3 kitties
    <3 love sunsets


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