14 August 2019

playing chess

I bought myself some 
noise canceling headphones. 

I went with Sennheiser 
Since my last pair of Bose
Had great sound. 
But the plastic/ vinyl 
Just disintegrated. 
I thought it was me. 
Too much coconut oil?
 But it’s a common complaint
When you read the reviews. 

I limit my extra spending 
But this is a requirement. 
An investment. 

My housemate announced 
That since he has been here longer
He has the right to make noise
Past midnight. So fuck common times 
And quiet hours. 
And to fucking hell
With me and my morning schedule. 
He refuses to walk on eggshells 
Just because I’m trying to sleep. 

I’m preparing for his retaliation. 
These are Noise Cancelling. 
And I got them refurbished. 

This is me to a fault. 

Basically I’m half way 
through with my fast 
when I got the kidney stones. 

Fasting kicks up old conditions,
They say. Autophagy. 

So, the only way out is through. 

These are the months 
I’m going to be gone. 
From this year on. 

Lots of ways to skin a cat. 

I might end up taking 
my paid vacation time 
To pack and sell stuff
From my moms storage. 
Which I still keep. 
It’s time to sort that out
As well. 

Then transfer within the company
To Colorado (or someplace)
And keep building time. 

Yes. This is how it’s done. 
I once played checkers. 
Now I’m a grand master at chess. 

(About time.)


  1. I love that little turquoise house! New horizons ahead for you MissA and you don't need all this stress of the roommate. I"m like you, I am a fighter but not with stupid people. I'd rather move on than deal with that kind of crap.

  2. Amen, Enz.
    When two people live under the same roof, they have to be able to communicate. And have a plan in place for times when they disagree.
    It’s like living with a toddler if you can’t talk about problems.


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