17 August 2019

long week

Broke my 72 hour fast today
 with a beloved hamburger. 
My favorite. 
I had the bottom bun
And it was no good. 
Not even worth the 20 carbs. 

Up a full pound this morning. 
Water weight. 
But still I want to do some
 dry fasting soon. 

Bites of Cream Cheese and Butter. 

Cream Cheese 


When you keep it Keto, 
Even a few carbs have a huge impact. 
That bun took me out of ketosis
And left me with a ton of fat
That can’t be used as fuel. 
So it must be stored. 

When you have insulin circulating,
You will not be in ketosis. 
It’s impossible. 
They’re opposites. 

I love the Nootropic effective 
Of these herbs. 

The precocious 12 year old
On my case tore up my waist belt. 
I want her to pay me $10 for it. 
So she’ll learn not to devalue 
And destroy other people stuff. 

She is 12 but acts like a 4 year old. 

My sweet spot is 150. 
My goal is 140. 
I look like a bloated gal at 160. 

At 170 and above
I look like a “before” picture. 

And here I look like a psycho killer. 
So much for trying to look cute! 

I look as though someone caught me
Eating the bodies. 

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