13 August 2019


Pete came over 
And helped with some things
Around the house. 

Caesar Chicken Salad. 
No Crutons. 
Lots of dressing. 

Back to work. 
Chapter 3 of Moby Dick. 

I found out the “bad” nurse 
Came over and basically 
BEGGED for her job -
She came after hours and 
begged the family 
To keep her. 
And that’s why she stays on. 
For now. 
They’re being kind. 
Charity. A Pillar of Islam. 

So Goat Eid. 
Over and done. 
Happy New Year. 
Time to get on with it. 

I bought some large storage bins. 
Back to school sales are great. 

And this week I’m packing up 
all my gear for when I travel.
I will have all my kitchen gear with me. 
And the rest I can buy on marketplace. 

It’s a big decision. 
But an awesome one.
I’m scared. As usual. 
But also I can’t wait! 

It’s in the 50s in Maine. 
In the 60s in Colorado. 
60s in the PNW. 

We’re even hotter than Phoenix 
With much more humidity. 

Not complaining. Just packing. 


  1. I am looking forward to your adventures of travelling! What an exciting change for you.

  2. Me too!
    Eid is like a new year. So happy new year!
    I’m definitely going to be gone summers.
    Maybe winters too.
    I want to be completely debt free when I travel. I’m still paying off bills from when I broke my leg. Yes. Even from 4 years ago.


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