19 August 2019

day off

Slept late. 
Pure bliss. 

Woke up thinking 
about all the places I can go. 
I had a girl talk with the home owner. 
We’re Golden. 
Her words. 
I still hate unrest at home. 

At home in my little room. 

Home is where you can come 
to escape from problems. 
I guess that’s another fantasy ended. 

No one really ever said 
Or believed 
That homes are problem free. 

It’s nice to believe, 
however, that at home,
You live with partners. Equals. 
While you might not always agree, 
There’s safety and respect 
And you are thought of as 
 a valued member 
Of a sacred team. 

And there’s a promise that 
you’ll work out any 
knots or entanglements 
That may come by. 

Communication is the first step. 
When you live with people 
that are emotionally unavailable,
All the bets are off. 

He thinks I didn’t feed the cats 
because I’m mad at him. 
Soon enough, they’ll be 
his responsibility anyways. 

A lovely snack at work. 
I won’t be doing anymore 3 day fasts. 
They’re too hard. 
Especially in the heat. 

This is an accountability blog. 
Here’s me when I was 
younger and in love. 
2014 - before I broke my leg. 

This is what 10 pounds extra 
Looks like on me. 

I’m not worried. 
I’m ready. 

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  1. Texas, New York, and California all use the title LVN. Every other state uses the title LPN.
    In Canada (and some states) I would an Associate RN.


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