04 April 2019

new phone

You know you’re too busy 
When you have an iPhone X
New in the box for 3 months,
And are too busy to use it. 

A fun task for today. 
Which didn’t get done. 
But I gave the matter 
considerable thought. 

New phone. 
Cat pictures!

Don’t get up. 
Or they steal your warm seat!

Pants  falling off. 

The Juice of the Snake today. 

Portrait mode. 
I just wish Baby Love Dove
Could have been photographed 
With a better camera. 

We think we have time. 
We don’t always have time. 

I went to bed at 5 pm. 
After I messed around and did 
Nothing - all day. 
My goal was to do nothing. 

I didn’t even shower. 

I can’t explain the psychology 
-other than my ego-
-and my specialness-

But I’m spending way too much
Mental Energy leaving this needy case. 
There’s something left undone
Or else I would have already 
Buried it, covered it with dirt,
And moved on. So to speak. 

I feel bad when cases fail to thrive. 
You could throw tons of money
And tons of time at this case. 
And it would still be found lacking. 

I don’t have guilt. Except for the secrecy. 
The mom doesn’t know 
I’m not coming back. 

When a person is out of step with society,
They sometimes don’t react calmly 
To change. Especially 
When she loses her free babysitter. 

I’ve worked for free for many cases. 
But I gave imy time freely. 
It wasn’t snuck by. 
Le Sigh. 

T minus 13 days ...
And counting 


  1. Dang skippy former Nurse of the Year - lol. What an ego maniac I am. I hope to always stay humble, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean I have to lower my standards.

  2. Be gentle with yourself, and please tell yourself that you're doing the best you can. Do we all have ideas of what we can do that's more or better? YES. But from what you write, I feel like you're choosing self-care, something different for each of us. You care so much for others, keep caring for yourself.


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