14 April 2019

one day more

Way too excited to sleep.  

The dreaded BEFORE 

The wonderful AFTER!

It’s amazing what a little hard work will do. 
Then you wonder how you ever 
Tolerated the conditions  BEFORE. 

Going through my old pictures 
Making room for the 
Grand Canyon pictures to come. 

My Little Love Dove
Pulling my hair and 
Getting my nose. 

I didn’t delete any of her pictures. 
They’re safe in the cloud forever. 
Kinda like her. 

A blissfully perfect day. 

Two days more. 
One day more. 
Depends on if you count Today. 
All I know is that
I’m driving outta here on 
Tuesday morning. 

I realized the reason 
I’m so uncomfortable 
At my other case. 
The one I quit. 

I don’t like it. 
So getting paid to do something I don’t like
Is against my standards. 
I want to enjoy my job. 
I spent 48 hours a week
At that case. 
I better at least like it a little. 

I can finally answer the question 
“Would you take a job 
where you get paid to 
Sit in a chair for 12 hours?”

No. No I would not. 
I would hate myself 
and the money I might have earned 
would (finally) be too expensive. 

I’d rather take a reasonable cut in pay,
And enjoy my work. 
Go where you are appreciated. 
Or at least go where you 
Appreciate yourself. 

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  1. Anne, you have a safe and blessed trip. Enjoy every single minutes. Take time to regroup and recharge. Take care of yourself.


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