05 April 2019

not so bad

My new “hobby”
Is buying things I need 
On Facebook Marketplace. 

Like this awesome cup
For $5. lol

A present from my thoughtful housemate. 
For my trip. 
A phone holder that 
fits in the cup holder. 

Typical Nurse Car. 

So I’m at work. 
And I think to myself
“It’s not so bad”

And then it is... so bad. 
It’s like a fatty who won’t give up sweets. 
You never remember how bad it is
Until the bad comes back around. 

Poor Number Twelve. 
I somehow forgot how to count. 
11... 12... whatever. 

In two Tuesdays,
 I get in the car and drive. 

I’ve changed the start time 
and the end time 
So many times- lol. 

I have trained myself with fasting
To endure any situation. 
If you can fast, 
You can do most anything. 

But just because you CAN do something,
Doesn’t mean you should. 

I’ve been dreaming lately 
That I was attacked by bears. 
Or was held hostage. 
Or any scenario of harm. 

And I’ve had the same dream
Every night for like 30 or 40 years. 
The exact same dream. It’s boring AF. 

Now I’m dreaming crazy shit. 
I’ll gladly take my boring 
Same Old Dream back! 

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